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Comments and Spam

Some of you might notice that comments do not come through directly in this weblog. This is because I have to approve comments from unknown users first. But I will try to do this as soon as possible.
So, please post comments :-)


My blog writing tool ecto now is in beta for a new release. Feels good so far.

Additionally I just discovered that ento (the corresponding weblog reader) is now donation-ware. You seriously should give it a try, its worth it.

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I lost my m-audio microtrack somewhere ’round Nakusp, CA… If you find it, please be so kind to contact me by email, or just leave a comment to this entry. That would be awsome… ahh you may find my adress here. Many thanx in advance :-)


.. wieder bloggen! gab viel gewurschtel mit dem provider; jetzt auf eigener server WG mit nem haufen anderer leute; demnächst mehr dazu. ersteinmal: weitermachen!


comments are welcome, but unfortunately I only get spam comments ATM… Therefore I propose to you to directly write an email to me via the adress provided here.