Kuler and sclang

This patch extracts color values from the kuler api via a themeID and converts them to Color objects.

It requires 
- the XML quark by Jens Gulden (wow! thanx) for parsing the xml stuff and
- the wslib quark by wouter snoei (wow, too!) for Meta_Color:newHex
- a valid kuler dev-key (see http://kuler.adobe.com/api/ for details)

// Process Kuler rss feed for Color extraction

~getFeed = {
kulerKey, // insert your kuler key
themeID(347630); // ID of a kuler theme

"curl \"http://kuler-api.adobe.com/rss/search.cfm?itemsPerPage=20&startIndex=0&searchQuery=themeID:%&key=%\" > /tmp/%"
.format(themeID, kulerKey, fileName).unixCmd;
~xml2color = {|fileName|
~tidy = {|fileName|
"rm /tmp/%".format(fileName).unixCmd;
~show = {|color, bounds(Rect(30,300, 100, 30))|
var window;
var extent = bounds.extent.asArray;
window = Window.new("ColorTest", bounds, false);
window.drawHook = {
Pen.color = Color.gray(i * 0.5);
Rect.fromArray([i*(extent.first/3),0] ++
(extent * [1/3, 1]))
Pen.color = color;
Pen.fillRect(Rect.fromArray(extent*0.1 ++ extent * 0.8));
~fileName = "%.xml".format(Date.getDate.stamp);
~getFeed.value(~fileName, "your Kuler key here");
"less /tmp/%".format(~fileName).unixCmd;
a = ~xml2color.value(~fileName);

a.do{|c| ~show.(c)}

taylor deupree

Taylor Deupree is a photographer, architect, electronic musician, and (which seems to be new for him) a soundscape recordist. In this particular investigation, his goal for 2009 is to record a sound a day. He publishes them on his weblog. His pictures are also quite interesting, he has a very inspiring view. Especially the winter scenes are quite rare. Thanx for sharing

[From taylor deupree :: photography, via BLDBLOG]

Found Sound City

This story is so amazing.

There’s a building somewhere in New York City: every time you go there – maybe it’s a bank or a department store or the office where you work – you hear what sounds like air-conditioning equipment, a distant droning noise in the background that you can’t quite place.
But it’s always there – maybe sometimes higher pitched than other days, but always audible…

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Photophob – Memplex [laridae045]


Laridae.at starts into 2009 with Memplex, the new release by label co-founder Photophob. Leaving behind his Drill’n Bass escalations of recent productions, Photophob surprises with a calmed down mixture of Ambient, Oldschool Electronica and Field recordings – your sonic guideline for discovering the well hidden resorts of beauty in this world of overwhelming complexity.

All in one ZIP

[From DeBug-Pod: Photophob|Laridae Release]