Being Artifact

Image of Falzbein, LFSaw 2008A Folding Leg.
It is intended to be used for preparing a piece of paper or cardboard to be folded along a given path. It is about 16cm by 2cm by 2mm. It is not square, but its edges are rounded. It is flat, formed a bit like a wing. It is made of bone, its main color is antique-white (R: 255, G: 239, B:219). It has a hole with a diameter of 1mm on its one end, which approximately marks the center of the circle defined by the rounded edges. This hole may be used to blow through it, though it will not produce a whistle, more a hiss. When striking a soft material with it, you may recognize its tiny but recognizable vibration.
However, hardly anyone reading this will ever do this with this Folding Leg. And in difference to more modern things in the world this Folding Leg is a real artifact, something hand-crafted and unique. It is made of bone. An organic material, lasting for centuries. Perhaps my great-grandchild will stumble over it, wondering for it’s usage. When did you last bought something with such an ability to sustain? Moreover it is still possible for me to even more personalize it. I could scribe my name into it.
I now declare this Folding Leg to be a Readymade piece of art called Falzbein.

Now, it’s Art.

As the creator of this, well, sculpture I issue the injunction that this piece of art should never be put into a frame or into a show case. It was created to be used as a piece of art while being used as a tool for whatever you may want to use it.

An artifact can neither be defined by its form, function, material, haptic, color, context, or life-cycle, etc., nor can it be fully described by a finite sum of these characteristics. Its seems that it needs an infinity number of features to fully describe it as a unique item of the world.

[LFSaw, 2008]

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