Extending Paper

Dsc00186-Converted Yesterday, a colleague was counting gestures in a spreadsheet. I wondered about these little post-its; she answered that the field was already filled with ticks, so she had to extend it in a way… looks a bit like hand-made memory extensions. I really like this idea.
Think on trying this with a computer. Of course you may just extent the length of the column, or just type the number of counted items, but it would not feel the same anymore.
Using numbers is uncomfortable, since our symbols for numbers are, well a bit too symbolic. You cannot change, say 7 to 8 with simply adding a tick or something.
Using ticks and extending the cell may turns the table into something unreadable. In the physical representation (read paper with post-it-addons) you still have the feeling of mass when having multiple paper add-ons layered onto each other.

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